HiRez anti-cheat analysis part 1

I LOVE Tribes.  It’s one of my favorite series and Tribes Ascend is definitely my favorite game to play (Tribes 1 would be, but it’s not very populated these days).  Because I love Tribes, and because the fun of Tribes is the challenge, I don’t cheat on it.  I would find zero pleasure in playing Tribes with hacks, even something simple like ESP or a radar to see incoming cappers or cloaked infiltrators.  The fun of Tribes is in the challenge and feeling like you earned those caps and blue plates.

But, there’s a lot of hemming and hawing regarding HiRez’s apparently flawed anti-cheat system for Tribes and Smite.  Supposedly, it’s quick to hand out bans for false-positive detections and innocuous things like having Cheat Engine installed or using some injected…something in Skyrim (I don’t play Skyrim so I have no idea WTF you guys are talking about).  So I decided to take a look at HiRez’s anti-cheat system to see what’s going on.  I’ll be writing these as I go through it and will share my thoughts about what I see as I work toward reversing it. Continue reading