Doug’s Projects

Source code for some of these projects is available at just log in with the credentials given in the resume!

ObRegisterCallbacks research

I reversedObRegisterCallbacks and the structures it creates in order to research a solution to Anti-cheat kernel modules protecting game processes.  You can see the results here:


SKiDE is a script development tool targeted at Arma 3.  It has common IDE features such as syntax highlighting and auto completion, but it also has some Arma specific features like enumeration of script threads and script variables.  It will also, if connected to the game, show the value of variables in a script if the user hovers the mouse over the variable.  SKiDE is still early in development but is already complete enough to be a very strong tool for script development as it offers the user a real-time glimpse into the execution of their scripts.

Peacekeeper Drone

Peacekeeper is an application that acts as a radar for Real Virtuality games.  It reads memory from the target game, finds and parses data structures in the game’s memory, and presents it to the user in the form of a map.  It also allows a small degree of object manipulation, such as changing the user’s weapon properties.  For example, the user can increase the damage his weapon does, eliminate the weapon’s recoil, or make his handgun shoot missiles.

Source available at by logging in with the credentials included in the resume.

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